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Buying a vehicle with less than perfect credit doesn’t have to be scary, you just have to be working with the right people who take the time to understand your situation and how you got there. At we put the customer first to make sure your buying experience is easy, affordable and makes sense.

Our customers love working with us because we don’t just sell them a car, we set up a plan to rebuild their credit quickly and efficiently and the lowest possible prices and payments. This process not only sets you up to qualify for prime interest rates on future vehicles but it also sets you up to qualify for mortgages, credit cards, lines of credit and small business loans.

  • Get Approved in as little as 5 MINUTES!
  • $0 Down Required
  • All Credit Levels Approved!
  • Rates as Low as 0%

If you still have questions before you apply please click on the contact us now tab and one of our financial services team members will be happy to walk you through our process step by step.

Companies advertising bad credit car loans in Manitoba all tell you the same thing, but most of them don’t understand you like the rural customer.

We understand our rural customers, your needs and your challenges because we too are from rural Manitoba. This is why we focus on servicing communities outside of Winnipeg. We find you the perfect vehicle, get you approved at the lowest possible rate and take the frustration out of buying a new vehicle. When needed, we specialize in helping you repair your credit with credit auto financing.  We have partnered with over a dozen lenders and have access to all major vehicle brands through our many dealer partners.

Buying a New Vehicle has Never Been Easier!

With over 600 new and used vehicles to choose from and locations all over rural Manitoba we make your buying experience fast and simple. Regardless of your current credit situation we will get you approved for financing.

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You are just a couple moments and questions away from being approved

Truck Loans and Car Loans – All Credit Levels Approved

Are you looking for financing to get the vehicle you want and deserve, we can help!

We have a full team of truck and car finance professionals available to help you get the vehicle you want and fast!  Drive Now is committed to getting you the financing and matching you with the perfect car, truck, van or SUV.

Life happens, and sometimes we have setbacks that we need a little help to bounce back from.  Maybe you had to file bankruptcy? That can be tough, but it can also be the restart you needed, and as bad credit car loan specialists, we’ve helped so many just like you get the car loan they need to get back on the road again. Same goes for divorce, late payment issues, oustanding collections, orderly payment of debt (ODP), write-off’s, etc. There is no situation that we haven’t come across and helped Manitobans just like you.

We will get you the car or truck loan you can afford to help turn a bad credit score around and starting rebuilding your credit level.  From Winnipeg to Steinbach to The Pas, anywhere you are, we offer convenient access to meet with our car financing team.  And the best way to start, is right here on our website by applying for a bad credit auto loan online.

We know that rebuilding your credit score can be just as important as the freedom of owning your own SUV, van, car or truck. Some dealers focus just on getting you approved, but your car loan doesn’t report to your credit bureau. With those car finance companies in Manitoba, you never improve your credit.

This is where Drive Now is different.

We set a plan to improve your credit that will work for you. It’s not just about getting you a car loan or truck loan and buying it, but a chance to improve or establish your credit while you drive a great vehicle you can be proud of.

So now that you know a bad credit score won’t hold you back from getting the car financing you need, take the next step and Apply online so we can meet you and help you improve your credit rating and drive now!

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You are just a couple moments and questions away from being approved